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Single Point of Advice


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From 3 May 2016 the Single Point of Advice (SPoA) will provide advice to practitioners on concerns they have about children at Level 3 or 4 (targeted/specialist and child protection services) on the continuum of need. The SPoA can be contacted on the below details Mon-Thurs 8.30am-5pm and Fri 8.30am-4.30pm.

Phone: 01323 464222

Email: 0-19.SPOA@eastsussex.gov.uk or 0-19.SPOA@eastsussex.gcsx.gov.uk

Children’s Services will no longer offer advice about children with Level 1 and 2 needs– instead it has online guidance on advice for families. More information about the Single Point of Advice can be found in the following East Sussex SPoA Briefing – May2016.

Before contacting SPoA

Before contacting SPoA you must discuss the situation with your organisation’s safeguarding lead to discuss the level of need on the Continuum of Need.

The only exception to this is if a practitioner and safeguarding lead manager assess that the child is at immediate risk of significant harm.

If so they should phone SPoA immediately making it clear their concern is about immediate risk. If the safeguarding lead is not available then the practitioner should contact SPoA immediately.

What SpoA will ask you

  •  If you have checked the Children Index to see if a service is already supporting the child (and have you spoken to that service if there is an allocated service)
  • Who else you have spoken to
  • For details of child/family
  • For a summary of your concerns
  • If you have you referred to the Continuum of Need?
  • If you need to report a child protection concern using our form

Reporting a child protection concern using a form

You can report a child protection concern manually by form, download the Statement of Referral (SOR) Form – Sept 2017. The SPoA team will advise you if you need the form or not.

Further information

East Sussex Single Point of Advice briefing presentation – May2016

East Sussex SPoA guidance for agencies-MAY2016

East Sussex Statement of Referral (SOR) Form – Sept 2017