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Voice of Children and Young People


East Sussex Local Safeguarding Children Board strongly believes that children and young people should have a say when decisions are made which may affect them. We also believe that children and young people should have the means and opportunities to be able to raise issues which are important to them, and ensure they are listened to. By doing so, we will create a stronger child protection system that is more responsive to the needs of our most vulnerable children.

East Sussex LSCB will endeavour to ensure that children and young people are appropriately involved in the governance and decision making of the board. We will also challenge and hold Board members to account on their engagement and involvement of children and young people within their own agencies.

Our LSCB Manager and Lay Members take an active role to seek the opinions of East Sussex children and young people – if you are a child or young person and want to let us know what you think please contact us or follow us on twitter.

Engagement with the Youth Cabinet and Children in Care Council on our priorities

In March and April 2016 the LSCB spoke to members of the East Sussex Youth Cabinet and Children in Care Council on their views about safeguarding and what was important to them and their peers. This presentation is a summary of their views:

East Sussex LSCB – Voice of C&YP – Consultation on LSCB Priorities 2015-18 – April 2016

Below are some comments agencies working with children and families in East Sussex about how they will respond to the views raised in these engagement activities:

“Feedback from East Sussex Youth Cabinet and from the Children in Care Council to the LSCB highlights that young people are concerned that there is not enough awareness about CSE, with a sense that awareness focuses on the ‘extreme’ cases such as Rotherham with insufficient awareness about grooming and how it can happen to them and their friends.  They also identified the need to know more about consent and healthy relationships. 

In response to this we have refined out priorities for 2016-17 to explicitly include an action to build on the awareness campaign to ensure it is reaching target audiences and having an impact. This is about ensuring that the materials used in the communications and awareness campaign is reaching children young people and their families and is making a difference to them, in particular recognising when they may have been groomed.”

“What we heard was powerful; young people confused by a modern world where they are exposed to so many pressures and expectations, often from peers,  that my generation never faced.

It reinforced for me the need for parents, adults and schools to give the appropriate support and guidance about what is normal, acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour, especially around healthy relationships, and that the LSCB should continue to contribute where it can to these important issues.”

Listening to the voice of children and young people

We have developed a young people’s version of our 2014-15 Annual Review, which includes a number of engagement activities on the LSCB’s priorities. If you are a member of a youth forum, are a Participation Worker and want to use this engagement pack, or you are a young person who has views on these topics, please get in touch with us for support.

Annual Report 2014-2015 – Young People’s version