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Case Review Subgroup

All LSCB agencies can learn from the objective analysis of individual cases that have not gone well. The Case Review group meets monthly to consider cases that have been referred for the consideration of a LSCB lead review. Some cases may meet the statutory criteria to be reviewed as a Serious Case Review (SCR), whilst other cases that may be below this threshold will benefit from being reviewed as a Multi-agency or single agency Partnership Review. All these reviews give insight into how agencies work together to safeguard children, and are a focus for driving improvements and providing transparency about the issues that may arise

Working Together to Safeguarding Children 2015 states clearly when Serious Case Reviews should be carried out.

Agencies can refer cases or serious incidents to the Case Review subgroup for review. The Serious Incident Referral Form should be completed by the referring officer following a discussion with their line manager and Designated Child Protection professional, and where appropriate, the Case Review Panel member from their organisation. For organisations without a Case Review Panel representative, cases can be discussed with the Head of Safeguarding for the Local Authority.